Call for Study Participants

June 22th, 2018

Status: closed

We are seeking study participants for an academic research project at LMU

About this research study

The goal of this study is to improve stress awareness using mobile technology. Study participants will collect heart rate data using either a Fitbit fitness wristband or a Wear OS smart watch. Our Android app (Stila) uses this data to provide feedback on the stress levels of the user. In order for the app to offer more accurate computation models, the users are encouraged to regularly record their daily activities and feelings.

We expect that participants of this study will benefit from the given stress feedback, since Stila app encourages users to avoid negative stressors while embracing positive stress.


  1. You own an Android Smartphone
    • Running Android 4.3 or newer
    • Compatible with either Fitbit or Wear OS by Google (see below)
  2. You agree to a daily usage of the Stila app for at least 2 weeks during the study. (within examination period to monitor your mental stress)
  3. You agree to wear the fitness wristband or Wear OS smart watch as often as possible during the period of this study.


  1. Heart rate monitor
  2. Owners of Wear OS with heart rate monitor ( or Fitbit ( devices with PurePulse heart rate sensor (Charge HR, Charge 2, Alta HR, Ionic ) are preferred.

    If you do not own a compatible device, you would be able to borrow one from us. We can only offer this to Students of the LMU. Devices have to be picked up in person. Please bring a valid ID with Photo and Student ID card. Note, that the amount of available devices is limited. Be sure to apply early!

  3. Android Smartphone
  4. Please find out if your smartphone is compatible with Fitbit and/or Wear OS devices:

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to borrow you an Android Smartphone for this study.

Benefits for you as participant:

  • Be amongst the first to try the new stress tracking app (Stila)
  • Be a part of a state-of-the-art research project and make a great contribution
  • Learn about (hidden) stress factors in your life
  • Help in improving teaching & learning at the LMU
  • Media Informatics students at LMU can be awarded with 6 MMI points for participating in this study
  • Monitor your mental stress during the upcoming examination period

We promise:

  • All collected data will be anonymised for analysis.
  • We strive to follow the rules of the Asilomar Convention for Learning Research in Higher Education in our research initiatives, you can find these rules under
  • We will report the outcomes of the study on this web page.

Schedule of this Study

  • 10.07.18: Application Deadline
  • 11-12.07.18: Sending of confirmation Emails including further information for participating this study
  • 13.07.18: Participants who do not own a compatible device can pick up borrowed devices at LMU Building Oettingenstra├če 67
  • 17.07.18 - 31.07.18: Participants wear their fitbit track or smart watches daily and regularly record their activities in Stila Android app
  • 01.08.18: Participants fill out a short online survey about their experiences
  • (at the latest by) 14.08.18: Participants affiliated with LMU borrowed a device, shall return the device in good condition back to Stila research team

Application till July 10th, 2018:

If you are interested in joining this study, please send an mail to with the following contents:

  • E-Mail Subject: "Application - *Your Name*"
  • First & Last Name: "John Doe"
  • Gender: "Male/Female"
  • Age: "20"
  • E-Mail Address: ""
  • I own the following Fitbit/Wear OS by Google device: "Huawei Watch 2", "Fitbit Alta HR", "None" (* Unfortunately, samsung wear with TizenOS und Apple Watch are not compatible with stila stress software, you shall give "None")
  • I own the following Smartphone: "Google Pixel","Samsung Galaxy S9"
  • My Phone is compatible with: "Fitbit", "Wear OS", "Both", "None"
  • During the study I primarily will be: "Studying", "Working", "Traveling"...
  • About Me: "I am eager to help!"
  • Consent: "I agree that my data collected by the Stila research study and Stila software application is anonymised for analysis and can be used for research purposes."

If you are a student of LMU please also include:

  • Matriculation number: "1234567"
  • My major of study: "Computer Science Bachelor"
  • I need MMI Points (Media-Informatic students only): "Yes"/"No"

Application deadline: 10.07.18 at 23:59:59

We care about your privacy:

  • Heart rate-, Activity- and Usage data will be collected in this study. All these data are anonymized and only used for research purposes.
  • Participants need to sign in to Stila app with a Google Account. We do not forward any physiological data and personal data to Google. You can create a "burner" Google Account only for the purpose of this study and then delete it.
  • If you would like to review your stress data after this study, you may consider to sign in to Stila app with an Google account associated with your Android smartphone.

Thanks for your interest

We appreciate your interest in this study. If you have any questions (german or english), please send us an E-Mail at: - Subject: Question. Stila team reserves the right to choose and limit the participants in this study.