Contribution to Project Stila

The contribution to this research project with bachelor or master student thesis are welcome!


You shall be a formal student enrolled in the computer science, medien informatics or data science programs at Ludwig-Maximilan University of Munich (LMU). Please be aware that we will not supervise any student not registered in LMU for her thesis.


  • You have finished all the courses for your study and have no more opening lecture to visit.
  • You are willing to work on your thesis at a fultime base, with 3 months for bachelor thesis and 6 months for master thesis.
  • You are willing to write your thesis in english language.
  • You meet the technical requirements stated in the description of the particular research topic you would like to work on.

Application for a research thesis

please only contact Yingding Wang via Email to schedule an initial proposal for the topic of student thesis for this research project.

You shall not contact any other project members without the initial meet up with the project coordinator Yingding Wang.

Thanks for your interest

Thank you very much for your interest! We will deal with your application with great care. Please be aware that we are lecturers and scientists at university, we may not response your request immediately due to the full schedule. Stila team reserves the right to choose and limit the contribution to this project.